Robert K. Pikula is the author of the book Our Children Come First.

About the Book

Are you in a tumultuous relationship? Are you constantly arguing? What unselfish acts can you take to save your child? In this non-fiction memoir, Robert Pikula takes you through the trials and tribulations you may experience in and out of divorce court.

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The Necessary Separation Between Fact and Emotion in Divorce Court

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During your stressful, emotional and chaotic times in court, trying to make sure you have everything together and say all of the facts correctly, have you ever felt like you’re just about to lose it and simply want to scream?!

It’s been months and you’ve been trying to get in court against your soon-to-be ex-spouse. So many things have happened and you are extremely worried, scared and nervous as hell. It sickens you to think about what’s happening right now, and you’re terrified that it will just keep going on forever. In the past several months, your ex had purposely and successfully raised your phone bill to over $500 dollars and refused to send in the car payments. They have now taken your car, and you’re not sure if it will be returned. You came home one day to find several of your possessions’ missing – including over half of your dishes, the couch, TV and that beautiful plant you loved so much. As if that’s not enough, the back window is shattered all over the floor. You go through the steps of calling the police again and again. You’ve come to believe that nobody cares about you or what you are trying to do. Actually, they probably think you’re crazy.


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Being a single parent for more than twenty-three years, having gained sole, legal custody of his daughter when she was five months old, Pikula is very dedicated to helping others in similar situations. Pikula has gone through classes and had previously served as a court appointed special advocate, helping other children have peace of mind, and aiding the courts of who is best qualified and safest for the children. Almost two years ago, he took the time to create the website, and has been continuously writing blogs for the site. He has done extensive research with many self-help and divorce groups. Most recently, Pikula has written a book entitled Our Children Come First, and even created a Limited Liability Company (LLC) around the book called “Our Children Come First LLC.”

Duneland Chamber Magazine

Kindle Version Available!

With great respect and love for Allyson Baughman at the Duneland Chamber of how great she wrote this article on me and my book adventures.

Please take the time to read this impressive article. Slide over to pages 9, 11 to see it and see the other articles on the local authors too.

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