Robert K. Pikula is the author of the book Our Children Come First.

About the Book

Are you in a tumultuous relationship? Are you constantly arguing? What unselfish acts can you take to save your child? In this non-fiction memoir, Robert Pikula takes you through the trials and tribulations you may experience in and out of divorce court.

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The Necessary Separation Between Fact and Emotion in Divorce Court

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During your stressful, emotional and chaotic times in court, trying to make sure you have everything together and say all of the facts correctly, have you ever felt like you’re just about to lose it and simply want to scream?!

It’s been months and you’ve been trying to get in court against your soon-to-be ex-spouse. So many things have happened and you are extremely worried, scared and nervous as hell. It sickens you to think about what’s happening right now, and you’re terrified that it will just keep going on forever. In the past several months, your ex had purposely and successfully raised your phone bill to over $500 dollars and refused to send in the car payments. They have now taken your car, and you’re not sure if it will be returned. You came home one day to find several of your possessions’ missing – including over half of your dishes, the couch, TV and that beautiful plant you loved so much. As if that’s not enough, the back window is shattered all over the floor. You go through the steps of calling the police again and again. You’ve come to believe that nobody cares about you or what you are trying to do. Actually, they probably think you’re crazy.



By: Robert Pikula

What is fear and why does everyone have to fear the unknown? What are people really afraid of? This fear causes a level of anger that sometimes turns into violent actions. If not for a violent action, a lot of people become very submissive/lifeless and don’t speak at all. They go within themselves hiding behind the walls of their innermost lining hoping that this will pass and never return. Many times this fear creates a level of guilt which causes more fear and then causes the person to lie and manipulate another person while lying to themselves. They figure if they could cover up these lies with a group of largely educated words while pushing their authority, then nobody will question their reason or decisions.

Fear works at many levels for each individual and will always cause a form of hurt with in the person’s mind and soul. This hurt goes to a level so profoundly deep that they are not able to see what the hurt really is or where it came from. They think they are lost with no way out, but instead of going within themselves for the answers and for their strength they search outside themselves, sometimes by going to a friend or to a group setting, or by thinking that praying is the only way out. Praying is a good way to learn faith but then again they may have received that divine answer, and instead this fear is so stubborn they block themselves from hearing the answer; therefore people may have been guided to them with a divine answer to their problem, but they are still blinded to hear what was said to them. Today this is a vicious circle of life that happens to all of us and we need to learn what fear really is and where it comes from.

For instance; some have cried out to Jesus thinking he will take care of everything, meanwhile Jesus has told you what to do and since you are worshiping him (waiting – not acting) instead of being like him (feeling and acting on the divine love within) you fight everyone by saying Jesus is the only way. Truly this fear creates your excuses by saying this. You have been miss-informed thinking God will judge you, when in truth God is a higher energy of LOVE that does not judge. For decades this way of thinking (we are being judged) has created our fears and confusion. It is this misperception and disconnection that keeps you from moving forward into who you are. Feeling this love which we all have inside us, a section or element of God, we are and will always have the answers. This fear that is eating at your soul is keeping your true self alive and active within us. We as a whole family have forgotten this lovely truth.

Believe it or not, your soul is purposely creating what you fear the most in everyone you meet, to show you a mirror image of yourself. When you get extra emotional or feel anger at the way another person acts as you judge them, it is actually your soul showing you were your pain really lies. Awareness of this is your key to your answers.

When asking for guidance, love and healing from Jesus or any other divine source you know as a higher being, remember we are all God’s children too. God is waiting to give you what you need but it will take you to realize this, open your hearts and ALLOW the divine energy back in your/our souls.

We have many sectors to our soul that comes forward as we live our lives and we need to learn, feel and discern these sectors.

First there is the “Child Self”, you all know what this feels like? We are very playful with tendencies of restless actions, having too much energy, wanting to play a game, etc. It is all fun, let us laugh at everything, it is easier to be afraid as a child, a child fearing the unknown.

Second is the “EGO Self”, this is the stubborn, no it all self. This is where the anger comes from when we think we know it all and we will not listen to anyone else. We want to fight everything no matter the cost – we are right! This is where we judge ourselves and think everyone is judging us too. Usually it is our bruised EGO at work.

I like how Dr. Wayne Dyer explains the EGO – Edging God Out. This is so true, we don’t ALLOW God or our lovely higher spiritual self to give us the answer. We will always be fighting in a circle wondering why this is happening to us.

Thirdly there is our “Higher Self”, this is where our soul is connected to God/source and the rest of the spiritual world. This is our divine loving self and if we learn to raise our vibration/frequency to a higher level we can connect even past our higher self, to God directly. No more looking outside ourselves to another person toward getting that answer you seek.

Henceforth, which one of these sectors are leading your life? Which one of these sectors should be leading your life?

In closing below is a wonderful article from Dr. Wayne Dyer on Louise Hay’s web page, Heal Your Life. You will also find here many awesome articles of motivation into a positive world.

Where There Is Doubt
By: Dr. Wayne Dyer
In the Prayer of Saint Francis, we are guided to heal places of doubt with faith. Bringing faith to nullify doubt is a way of taking charge of your life, not only by eradicating fears, but also by knowing that you have access to a higher creative force any time you feel you need assistance. When you make conscious contact with this spiritual force you know something that cannot be destroyed, that was never born, never dies, is always present in the moment and has no form or boundaries. You do not need the approval or acceptance of anyone. It is not necessary for you to debate with others about the presence of this universal spiritual source of all life. You are not in a contest of any kind. It is yours. According to Carl Jung, the relationship that a person has with the infinite is the telling question of a person’s life. Spend some time discovering what kind of relationship you have with the infinite.

Faith is a way of going within and creating a sense of control over one’s life at any given moment. Once you make conscious contact and have direct experience of the infinite, you can use this knowing at any time. This is not a belief bequeathed to you by virtue of your birth, it is a knowing that is yours alone by virtue of your commitment to your higher spiritual energy. When you are faced with a problem you can return to this faith even as the problems seem to deepen and approach the unbearable. As King David put it, “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not fear, thou art with me.”

It doesn’t get much worse than the “valley of the shadow of death,” and yet the spiritual message is evident. Have faith, and that faith will replace fear. Speaking personally, from my heart, I know that I am never alone. I know that divine guidance is always available in this moment. My awareness of this is the one thing that I can always rely on to take my pain away.

Faith begins with developing the ability to trust the unknown. By the unknown, I refer to that which is impervious to our senses. As incarnate physical beings we tend to rely on our senses to determine what is real. If we can’t see, touch, taste, feel, or smell it, then we tend to believe it must not exist. Faith involves going beyond the senses to make spiritual consciousness the place that we trust, even though it is a frequency that vibrates so fast that it transcends the capacities of our five senses.

When I first began writing books I had an absolute faith that I would be able to have them published. My faith was always intact and firm even as I heard doubts that a beginning author would be able to secure a major publishing house, doubts from the experiences of others who told me of their failed attempts, and doubts from experts who “knew” the business. As a young college professor I announced to my classes that I would have my book published and even what media outlets I would be visiting. I did this and much more from a trust in the unknown that was a burning desire to transform an idea into a physical reality. This kind of trust in the unknown is like an invisible and invincible magnet that attracts to itself whatever it fervently desires and expects. Trust that the unknown is knowable and that it is vastly greater than the known. Or as the Buddhist proverb tells us, “If you are facing in the right direction, all you need to do is keep on walking.”


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Being a single parent for more than twenty-three years, having gained sole, legal custody of his daughter when she was five months old, Pikula is very dedicated to helping others in similar situations. Pikula has gone through classes and had previously served as a court appointed special advocate, helping other children have peace of mind, and aiding the courts of who is best qualified and safest for the children. Almost two years ago, he took the time to create the website, and has been continuously writing blogs for the site. He has done extensive research with many self-help and divorce groups. Most recently, Pikula has written a book entitled Our Children Come First, and even created a Limited Liability Company (LLC) around the book called “Our Children Come First LLC.”

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